The Cookbook Update You've Been Waiting For

June 4, 2019

I've always been a bit of an extreme "type" of person. So, when I finally decided to write a cookbook, I (of course) gave myself a 6 month deadline to finish it. I put myself on a very strict recipe writing schedule, and did actually finish on-schedule. Then May hit. In case you didn't know, May is short for mayhem. School programs and field trips and all the last minute things that come with the end of an academic year fill the calendar. And, absolutely everyone is over it. We're all tired. We've thrown in the towel. We're just crawling along trying to make it to home plate.


Yet, in true extreme fashion, I decided why not throw a remodel project and expansion at Simply Nourished into the mix. That'll be fun! You see, the Ashley that makes those decisions is the idealist, ambitious, driven, sky-is-the-limit version of me, and unfortunately she tends to ditch fairly early on in projects leaving the realist, introverted, happiest-when-tucked-away-in-her-room reading Ashley to figure it out. Needless to say, I haven't been writing as much as I planned for May. That being said, I have managed to get the cookbook organized and have finished a draft of the preface and introduction. I've also finished notes for all of the content that will be going along with the recipes. Some other great news, I found an editor! In just a few short weeks I'm going to be passing off this book baby to her and to the layout designer. And as soon as that happens, we will begin taking preorders. I just didn't feel right about taking orders until I knew it was finished and in the editor's hands. 

In the meantime, I'm going to be vulnerable and share an excerpt from the preface with you all:


When the idea for writing a cookbook first surfaced, getting people around the dinner table was, as you can now imagine, a driving force behind it. I wondered if it was possible that my small contribution to cultivating goodness in our world was simply sharing what I know about putting healthy, balanced meals on the table--meals that accommodate the needs of every body being fed. I wondered if sharing what I’ve learned could help eliminate some of the barriers that keep people from preparing the meals they want to be eating. And barriers certainly abound. Time, money, energy, lack of knowledge and culinary skills, specific dietary and health needs--just to name a few.


I wondered, what if I could not only make it possible, what if I could actually make mealtime simple for others. Ultimately I decided why not give it a try.  If even just one person feels encouraged, empowered, and simply nourished after reading, it will be a success. Perhaps that person will be you.


Be watching for preordering details the week of June 24th!


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