Gather 'Round

February 11, 2019

"What happens around the table doesn't matter to a lot of people. But it matters to me more and more. Life at the table is life at its best to me, and the spiritual significance of what and how we eat, and with whom and where, is new and profound to me every day. I believe God is here among us, present and working. I believe all of life is shot through with God's presence, and that part of the gift of walking with him is seeing his fingerprints in all sorts of unexpected ways."


-Shauna Niequist


Life at the table is life at its best.

This resonates very deeply with me. There's just something about gathering people together to break bread. Being face-to-face across the table. Feeding. Serving. Nourishing. I've learned these things are a big part of the essence of who I am. I feel most alive when I'm pulling homemade pizzas from the oven, spooning soup into bowls, and listening to the clank of forks amidst a melody of voices 'round the table. This feeds my soul much like the first bite of a medium rare filet smothered in buttered Criminis satisfies my taste buds. 




As an introvert, being the hostess is the ideal solution. It allows me the joy of being among others, of connecting, while having opportunities to step away (and recharge) to take care of the logistics of putting a meal on the table and cleaning up. It's perfect really. The connection is so important. We live in a culture that drives through, shops online, communicates behind screens and is constantly being pulled towards individualism and isolation. I get it. I am tempted often to pull away. To retreat. To do this life on my own. Because let's face it. Life in community is messier. People are messy. Life together means tension and conflict is inevitable. It is vulnerable. We may become known. There's risk involved. 


Yet, the risk of the alternative is much greater. We are designed to live in community. We have seen this innate drive manifest itself in human groups throughout history. Despite the difficulty, we know we need it. This is the primary reason we have refused to budge on our vision for Simply Nourished. Nearly every grocer is transitioning to some sort of online purchasing platform that offers the convenience of buying online and having groceries delivered to the door. We get it. There are definitely products we, too, order online and have shipped directly to our home. It does help free up time that we can spend doing things higher up on our personal priority list. So please do not hear what I'm about to say as condemnation. I just feel it is something I need to continue to share because we get requests weekly for an online shopping option. 


Simply Nourished (as long as I own it) will never transition to online shopping and delivery. And it is not because we haven't considered it. Believe me it is so tempting to follow the crowd on this one. We are certainly losing a share of the market by not conforming. I'm certain our revenue could be higher if we made the transition as well. Yet, every time we run the idea through our brand commitment and vision it doesn't pass. We'd like to share our why so that perhaps you might understand where we are coming from better.


First, the companies that offer the online shopping/delivery model are either exclusively online companies (without the overhead of a brick and mortar store) or they are a corporate franchise that has staffing to create, implement and maintain the systems needed to offer this option successfully. Second, we do not have the budget to staff such a system. Third, we are selling more than groceries at Simply Nourished. Our "product" if you will is our physical products + genuine care + education and resources + encouragement and empowerment to nourish your bodies in simple ways. We do not believe we could deliver this "product" if we shifted our model to online buying and delivery. Lastly, we love seeing you all. Getting to know our customers and clients is so important to us. We truly value connecting with you--doing life alongside you. 


That being said, if your life situation does not allow you to get to our physical location during our hours Monday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4, please send us an email and we would love to see what we can do to accommodate your family's shopping needs if you would like to purchase from our store.


Speaking of connecting around the table, do you have Valentine's plans yet? If not, get dinner at Half Moon Inn on your calendar. Thursday, Friday and Saturday (while supplies last) Half Moon Inn will be offering a local meat special and natural wine specials for the holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to a (Joia Food Farm) bacon wrapped (Grand View Beef) grassfed filet myself! $18.95 for this grassfed local filet with choice of potato, side salad and warm bread. Simply Nourished wines will be available too! Don't miss it. We love to show local restaurants our support, especially when they support our local producers!


We hope you know our love and appreciation for you. Our customers and clients are truly the lifeblood of our small family business. Thank you.





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