An Odd New Year's Resolution

January 3, 2019

If you know me, you know I love new starts--or, more accurately stated, starting new things.


I am most definitely an entrepreneur through and through. There is an incessant drive to start new things that is literally embedded in my DNA. I have been known to start multiple projects (and businesses) simultaneously just for the fun of it, and being a "starter" is truly something that brings me great joy in life. Yet, as it turns out, when you start new things you also have to maintain those things. If you've ever attempted to juggle, you know there are only so many objects you can juggle before they all come crashing down. Even the best jugglers have their limits.


When we started BE WELLness in 2014, it was merely an idea that had been floating around in my head. One day, I decided to scribble it down in a spiral notebook, and after looking at the scribbles for all of 3 minutes (entrepreneurs are not typically known for their long processing or well-thought-out plans) I convinced Shea it was our business. Beyond the scribbles in the notebook, the business did not actually exist. But in my head it did, and for me, that's all that mattered.  However, soon the business did begin to take tangible forms--buildings were rented, branding started happening, a retail division was added, staff was added, systems were put in place, and the juggling act got more precarious. In the Fall of 2017, my longing to start something new was appeased by moving our retail division to a new location and rebranding--new store name, new products, new hours, additional new staff, new systems, new licenses, and then later in the year, a new Wine Loft. It took all of my time, mental and physical energy, and often all of our money (thank you Shea) to keep the juggling act of 2018 going.


Then in December, I experienced a feeling I don't recall ever experiencing before--a desire to not start anything new and to tell myself (and others) no. In fact, I felt the feeling so strongly that I decided I better say it out loud to some people before I convinced myself it was just a delusional thought. So, my BIG 2019 New Year Resolution is to do nothing new, and just say no. So I'm not starting a new diet. I'm not starting a new exercise regimen. I'm not starting a new business or nonprofit. I've decided it's time to enjoy doing the things I'm already doing. To relax into those things for a bit. My business coach has asked me multiple times if I'm taking time to soak up what I've accomplished--to enjoy the fruit of the labor. And to be honest, I haven't. I've always just thrown myself into something new immediately after wrapping something up--oftentimes before I was even 100% done with the previous endeavor. I'm a "yes person" to a fault. 


As I type this I'm realizing the irony of this all, though. Technically if I haven't done this "saying no and not starting new things" thing before, then I guess it is starting something new for me (hahahahaha). But you get the idea. 

Yet, I do know my limits. I'm giving myself 4 months of saying no and doing nothing new. I have way too many ideas floating around to go too far with this (hahahaha). 


So, for January through April, I'm laying low and doing the less exciting work of maintaining the things I've got going. If you were planning on asking me to participate in something new, January through April are not looking good for you ;) I'm hoping that the 4 months will provide lots of opportunities to pour into my family and friends, as well as tie up the many loose ends and "boring" work of owning and running a business. It will also give me lots of time to dedicate to one of my works-in-progress--a Simply Nourished Cookbook. I am so excited to get it finished and published sometime in 2019. What about you? What resolutions and goals do you have for 2019? I really would love to hear them!


By the way, another thing that is NOT NEW are the hours at Simply Nourished. We are not switching to off-season hours this winter, so you'll be able to shop Monday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4 all winter long :) Happy 2019 friends!

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