Just Stop

December 10, 2018

Think back to your week last week. "I don't have enough time." "I'm too busy!" Did you say (or think) either of these things? If you're like the majority of US adults you did, and probably more than once or twice. I get it. The holiday season can be exceptionally overwhelming. On top of your normal responsibilities there are now concerts and programs to attend, treats to bake, parties to prepare for, gifts to shop for. It is a lot. 


However, part of feeling too busy is simply our perception of time--how we view the world and ourselves in it. I know some of my favorite moments as an adult have been when I intentionally slowed life down. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves to do that! We have to choose to just stop. After all, we all get the same amount of time each week. 168 hours to be exact. And hopefully 50 of those are being spent asleep. So that leaves 118 hours. While we can't increase that number, we can alter how we experience those hours. Here are my Top 8 tips to change your perception of time for the better:


8. Stop staying up late so you can wake up an hour earlier than you need to each morning to prepare for your day and finish up tasks that are best completed when nobody else is around to distract you.


7. Stop complaining about being too busy. Words are powerful. When you tell yourself you're too busy, you will feel too busy. Try looking at the positive instead. "I get to....fill in the blank with whatever activity you have planned."


6. Stop saying yes to everything. You don't have to do everything, be everything, solve everything. Sometimes it is best for you, your family and even the person asking, to just say no.


5. Stop wasting time. If you are participating in social media, games or other mindless activities regularly each day for no distinct purpose, it's time to stop. Get yourself an accountability partner or App to help you stay on track.


4. Stop rushing and practice mindfulness instead. Whether that means enjoying your meals and chewing thoroughly, driving the speed limit and stopping fully at stop signs, or sipping your coffee slowly, it is worth it to be fully aware of what you're experiencing. You'll save money on traffic tickets and antacids as well :)


3. Stop skipping the activities you love. Oftentimes when we are busy we push aside our favorite activities. Don't do this. These hobbies and passions inspire us and motivate us, helping make the less fun activities on our agenda more doable. 


2. Stop and breathe. I've said this before and I will definitely say it again. Intentional, diaphragmatic breathing is such an important practice to implement in your day. Just 5 minutes a day can do wonders for your adrenal system (which impacts your hormones, digestive system, immune system and more)


1. Stop overlooking the small things. When we take time to pay attention to the seemingly insignificant things in life we experience life at a slower pace. Hold the door for a stranger. Smile at the table busser while you're out for lunch. Watch the sunset. Marvel over the intricacies of a snowflake. Read a book to a child. It's the small things in life that ultimately add up to be big things. I tell my children often, you'll never regret being kind and doing the right thing.


I hope you all have a slow-paced, joy-filled week. We sure love it when you take the time to stop in to Simply Nourished to say hi and linger for awhile. One of the main reasons we have decided against implementing online shopping or grocery delivery is because we believe there is value in interacting with each other. Our brand commitment is to genuinely care for our customers, empowering and equipping you all to nourish your bodies in simple ways. We can't uphold that commitment if we stop interacting with you.


We truly treasure the time we get to spend with our customers, no matter how brief. Taking the time to stop and interact is good for the mind, body and soul. Hope to see you soon! Simply Nourished is open Monday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4. 



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