A Little Joy to [My] World Therapy

October 16, 2017

Ever get the opportunity to practice what you "preach," or, as I also like to refer to it, an opportunity to eat some humble pie? Recently I got a helping of pie that was a bit more than I was able chew. And I can usually hold my own in this area. I've always been a bit....umm....what's the word....intense? type A? high-strung? ambitious? Yes, ambitious, let's go with that. And so far in my 32 years of life, it has worked for me. Sure there have been brief burnouts and times I needed to pause for a moment to catch my breath, but never (before this last month) have I been forced to come to a screeching halt and re-examine the pace of life or face some serious consequences.


In September I had some significant stress, both beyond my control and brought on by my own choices. I fell off the grain free/dairy free wagon (mostly due to funerals that came back to back and affected me more than I realized); I ran out of supplements and didn't find the time to reorder; I started staying up until 1am every night to get work done that I had fallen behind on because of doing family things instead--good things that were a necessary part of the grieving process after losing loved ones. Add to that some relational stress outside of my control and then we "officially" decided to move our store, and it was going to happen sooner than we thought. My body was pretty much constantly in fight or flight mode. If you can remember anything about physiology from high school, fight or flight is meant to be an acute stress response. And, when we stretch this response from a short-lived acute response to our norm, our adrenal system will revolt.


Mine most certainly did.


The last week, after a series of scary trachycardia episodes, near fainting, extreme fatigue and inability to control body temperature and muscle movements, I realized how important it is to start doing what I tell everyone else to do--practice self care, set boundaries, say no, prioritize. I realized that if I didn't listen up, adrenal fatigue, and possibly even failure, was going to be my own reality. So I swallowed the pie. It didn't taste good at first. But I can honestly say its taste improves with each bite. The Proverb is true...humility's wages are riches and honor and life. This experience has opened my eyes to the rich rewards of slowing the pace of life. This weekend, taking the time to slowly stroll through Kragel's Tree Farm to pick out the perfect tree as a family was exactly the therapy I needed--some "Joy to [my] World" therapy in October.






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