Labor Package 1

Complimentary prenatal visit

Birth planning

On call 2 weeks before due date

Continuous labor support 

1 postpartum visit

At first sight video

This package benefits mothers who desire doula support or for moms who have been around the block and just need labor support.



Labor Package 2

Complimentary prenatal visit 

Birth planning 

Childbirth Education and comfort measures class

On call two weeks before due date

Continuous labor support

1 postpartum visit

At first sight video 

This package is designed to educated parents on minimal intervention childbirth and have a solid support team in place for postpartum.


Labor Package 3

Complimentary consultation 

Birth planning

Childbirth Ed and comfort measures class

Meal planning/prep.  Food included in price.

Continuous labor support

Breastfeeding support 

Meeting at your home and preparing a meal on your first day home.

Postpartum support-3 pp visits (3 hours each)

First Forty Days model of care

At first sight video 

This package is designed to educate, support and nourish the new family and to facilitate a smooth transition from the hospital to home



C-Section Support 

Doula support during your c-birth.  Calming nerves, continuous support and help with breastfeeding after the birth.


Birth + Lactation Package

Consultation with a Lactation Counselor 
  • All items listed in the Labor Package

  • AND services provided by Angela Swieter of Basking Babies which includes a postpartum home visit with Angela, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) within one week of birth. During your visit, Angela will listen to your concerns, assess baby’s oral anatomy, assess your breast anatomy, and observe your baby’s latch. She will observe a full feeding and will assist with latch, positions, and holds, if needed. Your baby will be weighed before and after a feeding to get an accurate measurement of baby’s intake. Angela has a wealth of wisdom and experience supporting breastfeeding parents and babies! 


While I recognize the value and investment of the services I provide, I believe that a supported birth experience should be accessible to everyone and am happy to work with your budget. I offer a variety of payment plans.

From the moment you call me in to labor and up to two hours past delivery, I will be with you providing emotional, physical, and informational support. I do my best to take pictures during the whole childbirth experience and do my best to get video of the first 2 minutes of your baby’s life and provide you a video of your experience. However, the labor room can be unpredictable and sometimes I am unable to get every moment. 

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